family is whoever sits around the table.

They are a people who live intensively, without reservation, and with passionate care. Whether old or young, at work or play, they extract everything from every moment. They never compromise with life; to live as an Italian is to live fully, without restraint. 

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Nonna Wall

A big part of Ritorno is Julia’s tribute, the “Nonna Wall”.

The Nonna wall is a small way to honour the women in our lives, our mothers and grandmothers, who fed us and nurtured us, putting their own wants and needs aside. My Nonna Maria would be thrilled to know that her picture hangs on the Nonna wall with so many remarkable women.

the italians have a gift for life

This has been Julia Hanna’s lifelong philosophy regarding her friends, family and business practices spanning 30 years in the Oakville area as a successful restaurateur and community leader. Julia’s lifelong love affair with food stems from a strong Italian upbringing that embodied the belief that everyone is welcome at the table. She started her first restaurant, Café Galleria in Downtown Oakville at the age of 26.

Ritorno is what Julia calls a “return to the table, in the Italian way.”
A return to traditional Italian food made from scratch in a sharing encouraged environment. Fresh, quality ingredients presented in their truest forms.

ritorno at home

As much as we have missed the restaurant experience, we have rediscovered our kitchens, the good that comes from cooking at home. Ritorno wants to help you cultivate this relationship, spending time with your family and friends in your own kitchen. So we are launching Ritorno at Home, from our kitchen to yours. Our signature sauces and even Nonnas gnocchi are available for you to take home. 


ritorno gives

In the face of the pandemic we created a new initiative called Ritorno Gives. Ritorno Gives is a food security based program that provides ready to eat meals to frontline workers and food-insecure families and individuals. So far we have provided over 3000 meals to various community partners, frontline and essential workers, and directly to families in need. The Gives team consists currently of Julia and her three sons Matthew, Alexander and JohnPaul. All of our donations go directly to food costs.